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I am a lifelong resident of Gloucester and attended Gloucester Public Schools, graduating from Gloucester High School in 1963. I attended Bryant & Stratton Junior College of Business, in Boston, majoring in data processing, and received a bachelor’s degree in business management from Franklin Pierce College in 1987. I spent 25 years in the computer industry, as a programmer, salesman and regional manager of customer support. I have previously served five terms on the Gloucester City Council, serving on all three committees; Budget and Finance, Planning and Development and Ordinances and Administration and serving as Chairman of Budget and Finance and Planning and Development. As your City Clerk, I retired after 17 years, having run over 30 elections while serving the city council, state and federal agencies, and the general public.

Government and public service have always been important to me.
I registered to vote on my 21st birthday (21 was the voting age then), and I’ve voted in every election but one primary, (when I was out of state, unexpectedly). Before I got involved in elective office, I was a member of the Cape Ann Jaycees, Republican City Committee (later as chairman) and I supported a number of candidates, both partisan and non-partisan.

My wife and I raised two children, who attended Gloucester Public Schools, and both graduated from state colleges. Both have attained advanced degrees. Our daughter Cheri is an elementary school teacher, who is SPED certified and has presented us with our three beautiful granddaughters. Our son Bobby graduated law school, earned an MBA from Salem State University, and is currently a practicing attorney.

I am passionate about Gloucester, and am pleased that the voters have allowed me to continue to help make it a better place to live for all of us. I believe that I have learned a lot in my lifetime, especially from my 17 years as Gloucester City Clerk. I believe my strong points are that I am willing to listen to all sides of an argument before I make a decision, and that I am responsive to all my constituents. I can’t always give you the answer you want, but I answer every phone call and email.

In the 70’s and early 80’s, I served two terms on the City Council, and more recently, since my retirement, I have served three more terms. I believe that I know what is required to do the job right. As a retiree, I have the time and I am willing to put in the required effort. Intending to retire from elective politics, I did not run in the last election. Now I realize that I need to be actively involved in the future of my city and I am again running for Councilor-at-Large. I appreciate your support in helping me to continue to serve the City of Gloucester.